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Como arcebispo, durante procissão eucarística.

"When Napoleon kidnapped the pope, he said, ‘We will destroy you.’ The pope said, ‘Ha. We haven’t been able to destroy ourselves for two thousand years. You won’t be able to do it, either.’"

- Peter Kreeft (via twocrowns)

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"Put your sins in the chalice for the precious blood to wash away. One drop is capable of washing away all the sins of the world."

- Mother Teresa of Calcutta (via acatholicvibe)

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The Big Blue.

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Gu4ilan |Milky Way Above a Sea of Clouds by a galaxy far, far away...|

True 8-bit colour cycling with HTML5

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B-2 Spirit of South Carolina

Photo by: USAF

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B777 vs C172 by Marshall Autry